HyPro Plating Systems

The PAVCO® Compliant Chemistry division markets and manages one of the industries most comprehensive and prominent lines of technologies meant to meet the ever-increasing list of compliant chemistry directives for electroplated coatings. For help on which compliant chemistry is right for your operation, please contact a PAVCO® Technical Service Representative here or browse below to learn more about our products.

NiClipse C
Formulated from the same technology platform as NiClipse, NiClipse C is modified for use over cast substrates while still offering exceptional corrosion resistance, covering power and compatibility with clear, yellow or black chromates. NiClipse C will deliver fully bright deposits for both rack and barrel applications.
Ziniloy 3028
Ziniloy is an alkaline zinc/nickel plating process that deposits 12-15% nickel in the deposit. It offers an exceptional efficiency of 30% more than conventional processes, high corrosion-resistance and easy bath control due to its having a small number of additives. It demonstrates superior metal distribution and covering power. With low-stress and high ductility, the process is suitable for either rack or barrel plating, and even displays excellent results on difficult to plate parts. The high performance of Ziniloy allows the use of clear, yellow or black chromates. Chromated or passivated deposits retain excellent corrosion resistance, even after 24 hours at 250°F (120°C) tempering.
Ziron is a non-cyanide, alkaline zinc-iron alloy plating system. It provides 500-1,000 hours of salt spray protection. It exhibits excellent deposit distribution, bright finish and is highly cost effective.
K3 is Pavco® 's ecomonical ammonia free acid zinc plating system. ZCL K3 consist of two components, ZCL K3 Starter and BRT II. Pavco® 's ZCL process will produce a mirror bright ductile zinc deposit which is easily chromated. The ZCL K3 system will produce superior results even when used under adverse conditions, including bath temperatures in excess of 100°F and high chloride concentrations. Pavco® 's ZCL K3 process contain no ammomia which is advantageous when nickel and copper are present in the waste steam. The ZCL K3 system is water soluble which makes it easy to use and easy to handle.
The Merlin process is a dual additive, alkaline, non-cyanide, zinc brightener system that offers high efficiency and increased productivity. Suitable for either rack or barrel operations, Merlin contains no chelating agents or complexors. The deposit easily accepts all chromate conversion coatings. The plating range and leveling characteristics of Merlin are unique among alkaline zinc processes.
NH4 is a two component, water soluble, ammonia zinc plating system suitable for either rack or barrel plating operations. It is a superior acid zinc plating process which produces a lustrous zinc metal deposit on all steel substrates. It is a field proven technology which has set the standard for the industry for many years. It is characterized by ease of control, consistent day to day operation, high temperature tolerance and excellent chromate receptivity.
Smart Zinc significantly reduces the zinc deposition ratio from the high to low current density. Increases deposition in the low current density up to 75%, and increases plating speed by as much as 30%. It is a two component, low ammonia, high temperature zinc plating system. Smart Zinc is a superior acid zinc plating process which produces a lustrous zinc metal deposit on all steel substrates. Smart Zinc is field proven technology that has set the standard for the industry for many years. Smart Zinc is characterized by ease of control, consistent day to day operation, extreme high temperature tolerance, and good chromate receptivity.
Hex-A-Gone is a decorative trivalent chrome plating bath that grants a finish that is comparable to a hexavalent chromium plate while offering numerous advantages. These include being highly forgiving of high metallic impurities, greatly reducing waste treatment requirements and generating large energy savings. Most importantly, health and environmental hazards of hexavalent chrome systems are eliminated with Hex-A-Gone.
Hex-A-Gone 1020
Formulated from the same technology platform as Hex-A-Gone, Hex-A-Gone 1020 offers higher bath efficiencies that result in plating rates of 3 microinches per minute or 0.08 microns/minute along with throwing power that delivers thicknesses exceeding 20 microinches. Hex-A-Gone 1020 delivers this while granting a color comparable to hex chrome, ease of operation and good tolerance to metallic impurities.



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