News Releases

Pavco Prepares to Expand Lab Facilities in Charlotte, NC
November 13, 2011

In our continuing effort to deliver unmatched technical resources, Pavco is finalizing details of a significant expansion and renovation of their existing laboratory facility in Charlotte, NC.

Included in this will be a expansive new corrosion laboratory to contain and manage all corrosion equipment and projects. For instrumentation, Pavco is constructing "clean room" instrumentation space to better meet the industry's growing technical demands in both research and service. In our research and service labs, Pavco is adding an incredible 50% bench top space to adequately serve our current and forecasted demands.

This recent expansion will deliver the resources necessary to move both Pavco and our customers forward in the upcoming years. Construction will begin by December 2011 and complete sometime in the first quarter of 2012.



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